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This is exactly how the theatrical cut should have played. Biographical films too often feel the need to invent made up conflict, without any actual regard to the real people depicted and not caring whether the narrative needs it to work. And in this case it absolutely didn't. Once that extraneous material is excised, what's left is a heartfelt, nostalgic, and sweet look at the last years of two comedy giants and two very dear friends, which as Hardy says in the film, were two peas in a pod. All sustained on two wonderful performances who really inhabit the characters. After a while, you forget that those aren't the real Laurel and Hardy you are watching.

Also, making it black and white makes it feel much more authentic. I always imagine the boys in monochrome anyway. It's a pity that so many modern releases are so afraid of black and white, like someone interested at all in Laurel and Hardy to begin with would have any problem with watching a movie that's not in color!

This is the film Stan and Ollie deserved, and thanks to ParanoidAndroid's magnificent work, they finally got it. Applause!
Owner's reply July 17, 2022

Delighted that you enjoyed the edit so much, absolutely agree on your assessment of the original.

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