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I can't say I'm a big fan of the trilogy this edit is based on, but it definitely had some neat ideas. Overall, I enjoyed this edit, but it's not without flaws. 3.5 hours is a lot to ask of your audience. I think this story could have been cut down even more - not every scene felt vital to me. The video quality was top notch, but I wasn't a fan of the constant fade transitions where a straight cut felt like it would have been fine. The audio is a nice 5.1 mix - most of the time. There are spots, namely at about 43, 56, 1:23, 1:43 and 2:43 minutes (there were others), where the audio clearly shifts from a 5.1 mix to an expanded stereo mix with 2 channels being sent to all 5. I have to assume this is from deleted scenes, which are usually a 2.0 source, being inserted into the 5.1 timeline and the editing software converting to 5.1, but I can't be sure. As other have said, there are occasional audio pops, I noted a fairly obvious one at about 2:06. Considering the amount of work that went into this, these audio issues really should have been corrected before release.

That said, from someone who wasn't a big fan of the originals, I enjoyed this edit. Very much recommended for fans of the originals and non-fans might get a kick out of it too.
Owner's reply July 13, 2022

Thanks for the review.

There will be a further final pass to address the audio pops which creep in on the convcersion to an MP4 file. There are not detectable on the larger M2TS file...but I appreciate the point and I hope you sill be willing to consider an adjust when the final revisions is made available.

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