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(Updated: August 29, 2021)
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Riveting and Unrelenting!

As someone who has watched all three films multiple times, I was stunned at how fresh, intriguing and mesmerizing this fan edit turned out. I was fully engaged from minute one (btw GREAT OPENING CREDITS!!!!) and the movie never let go. To me, it did not feel remotely like 3 hours. I was shocked when I looked at the time when the movie ended. A testament to Wraith's editing skills and masterfully crafted new narrative. Brilliant stuff!

If I had to nitpick, there were four minor moments where I went "hhhmmmmm....?" -- one, the placement of the SPLIT post-credit scene stands out visually as David looks completely different (fully bald, no beard) from the rest of the movie; two, David follows Hedwig, but the next scene he is in conversation with The Beast, it felt like something was missing; three. the intercutting from David using his touch ability in the past and on the street I think could have benefited from some underlying unifying music, and four, the most minor of all, Dr. Fletcher is entirely removed from the movie but we do see an old woman's dead body where Casey has been held prisoner... it just feels like an odd unexplained moment. Though I do not know how it could be resolved other than maybe with additional zoom and cropping?

Technically the edit was perfect to my eye and ear, and I must stress again, the new storyline was engrossing, filled with tension and mystery. An amazing achievement!

Highly recommended!!!
Owner's reply September 12, 2021

I did initially just trim the shot out in a test, and it was fine BUT I have actually gone with a zoom and crop per your suggestion and applied some up-res and sharpening. This is now resolved and will be in v 6.02 available soon...keep an eye on the thread.

Thanks for your generous words. and observations.

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September 10, 2021
Hi ..Thank you for that. Version 6.01 will replace the version you saw. Thank you for the heads up and your kind review.
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