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This is a tremendously remarkable achievement in editing. I will try not to spoil anything, but let's say that the new structure works wonders and the way the reveals are placed make the whole thing less about "what's the secret behind these people" and more like "what is all of this building up to". More suspense than surprise. And the amount of work that went into it is simply gigantic: won't say where, but some shots that can appear to come untouched right from the source if you haven't seen the movies before or aren't fresh in your mind, have a LOT of work behind them to get them right. And yes, it's long, but the pacing never suffers because of it, and it's all worthwhile. The only downside is that a few of my problems with the theatrical Glass stay here (already discussed and reasoned with the editor), but even those bother me less here than in the official version. Highly recommended.
Owner's reply August 21, 2021

That’s very kind of you and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I’m especially glad you appreciate the invisibility of what on the face of it can appear simple, but was anything but. I still wish I’d had more material to play with, but it is what it is.

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