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Well, that was a long one:) I liked Split and to some extend Unbreakable as standalone movies, Glass not really. So i was intrigued how this edit would turn out.
From a technical perspective, as far as i can tell, it´s flawless. The new intro and outro is amazing. Incredible work you´ve done there.
Narrative-wise the story was well balanced to introduce the characters from their own movies. I thought for "Split" it would be difficult but it worked great. As i don´t want to spoil to much from the "new" story i´ll end the review here. It´s a great and well crafted effort story-wise and i didn´t expect it to work that well. Yes, it is a bit long (-1 point) but the possibilities are limited for a single movie.

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Owner's reply August 21, 2021

Thank you so much. Im pleased you enjoyed it. I agree it’s a long haul, and I may look to see if I can tighten it up. I did a 2.5 hr rough cut and it’s just too rushed and unbalanced but I can see how I could probably get it down by 30 mins and retain the tone hopefully. For now though, this is it. Thanks again

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