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TV-to-Movie December 01, 2015 5467
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Three episode Spiderman animated series tightened into a brief feature. For fans, the Venom tales were always favorites.

Video - 720 X 480 AVC. Don't pay attention to the resolution. You won't notice at all. This is an extremely sharp cut. Speaking of which, the cutting is fluid and assured. Original commercial breaks are gone and you don't notice the transitions. A quick glance at the cut-list indicates a number of removals. Again, you do not notice these. This is really fine work.

Audio - 353 kbps AAC. 2 Channel stereo. No subs (ha!). Not much to comment on here. Dialogue is clear, the sound track has limited dynamic range, doubtless source material. As with video aspect, there is nothing jarring or noticeable, such as music ending abruptly with scene change.

Narrative - Being a fix rather than a mix, I expected this to be coherent and it is. To my mind there were too many villains in the cocktail, overkill to be sure. Fun, and as others have noted, nostalgic.

Enjoyment - I got this by accident. I desired PE's Bond short from the other site, but Spidey came instead. (per comments on OT and Reddit, the other site is neglected.) Not to fear, this was a pleasant surprise, and an enjoyable view. I also believe Problem Eliminator sets a good example. Fledgling editors - and PE is a respected and seasoned editor - would be well advised to tackle animation rather than a three hour opus.
This edit is a perfect length, and a wonderful introduction to the original series.

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