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I can just imagine Problem Eliminator’s thought process well trying to fix all the technical errors ‘’YOU CAN’T ESCAPE ME I’ll EDIT YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EEEEEEEEARTH!!!!!!!!!!!! joke aside his ability to remove most of the technical errors that plagued these three episodes is certainly impressive and the removal of most of the kiddish and cheesy lines of dialogue as well as the exclusion of characters illogical actions and phrases made this Alien Saga Fanedit an enjoyable, nostalgic and streamlined experience for me.

Saying that though there were a few things that detracted from my enjoyment of the edit the first being the flashback of Peter reflecting on how the symbiote has changed the way he’s interacted with others as he was about to crush Rhino as I feel like most people would understand the reason for his hesitation though as to how it could have been cut and worked around the scene when Spiderman says ‘’Can’t I’’ could have than cut to the shot of Rhino cowering in fear which would also have minimised the issue of being forced to use recycled footage just to move the narrative forward.

I also noticed various rectangular shapes at the top of the screen and some in other places of the screen with most of them being green while others are white and some are slightly faded into the background the first of them I saw was at this point 24:29 and from there they kept appearing at Irregular intervals soon after though I may have missed some from Part I and well not as persistent as those rectangular shapes I did notice a few small black dots occasionally appear on the screen.

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