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For some reason, I was not a huge fan of Into the Spider-Verse the first time I watched it. I'd been meaning to revisit it for a while, but kinda forgot about it - the release of this edit certainly jogged my memory.

Edit aside - this film is amazing! I remember feeling it was dull and uninteresting for the majority of the runtime, before picking up in an amazing third act - while I still think the third act is the clear highlight, the first two are nothing to complain about! I was wrong.

As for the edit, it was pretty solid. Most of the integrations - regardless of state/quality - were done pretty well. However, there were a few that I don't think enhanced anything and just distracted me for a moment or two when I got adjusted to the rough sketches and raw animation, and in my opinion detracted from the narrative (not a fan of the on-the-nose "Now you don't have to be Spider-Man" line). Additionally, at some points in the film (particularly those with low-pitch audio), the gain appeared to cap out, leading to a kinda muffled sound - I noticed it specifically on a lot of lines said by Miles' father.

Regardless, I'd recommend checking out this edit. These issues were temporary and unobtrusive overall, and this was still a fun way to revisit the film.
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