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(Updated: July 17, 2022)
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Great power, great responsibility. That is the theme that defines spider-man. Spider-Man Homecoming completely throws that out the window in favor of filler fluff, forced humor, obnoxious name dropping, reliance too much on Iron Man, cameos, references and Aunt May being hot to distract from a weak story.

Masi's fan edit trims out some of the many flaws, and does make it a more tolerable experience. The best cuts being editing out Aunt May's only character trait being that she's hot, the Vulture teleporter gun joke and Peter's line at the end "That was a test right?" that completely ruins whatever shred of character development he had.

Visual editing and cuts were perfect with only 2 small mistakes I noticed. The waiter hitting on Aunt May was editing out, but there's a lingering shot of the waiter that is abruptly cut. I would recommend, just ending the scene with Peter saying "I need a new backpack" in order to cut the waiter shot out completely.
In this version Vulture intentionally kills Shocker which is awesome, but there's still a lingering shot of Vulture's confused look on his face when Shocker died. Other than that, Top notch.

Video quality was darkened, I would imagine to give a darker atmosphere. It works in most shots, but when Peter's under the rubble I could barely see him.
Audio quality was perfect.

Audio editing, changing the track for the ferry added some punch to what was going on, which is definitely needed for such a big moment of the movie. I was a little confused after the last Vulture fight when Tobey's Spider-Man theme plays instead of this movie's Spider-Man theme. However, it didn't bother me at all.

Narrative: It's the same story, I never felt like something was missing. As for the addition of Uncle Ben's flashback. I think it's a cool idea in theory, but all I could think about was the Sony movies. It never felt like this universe's version of Uncle Ben.

Enjoyment : Any lack of enjoyment is the original films fault and not that of Masi.

Masi's version is just better than the original, plain and simple. If I have to watch this movie all the way through again, I'll for sure be watching Masi's version. I recommend this for anyone who already likes Homecoming, but if you're someone like me who doesn't like the original, this isn't a complete overhaul to change that. It's just a tweaked version.

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