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This was a really great edit of Homecoming that really makes some better changes and cuts from the theatrical. The use of Danny Elfman's score and the funky town ringtone is always gonna put a big smile on my face having grown up with Toby Maguire's Spider-Man trilogy. The also added inclusion of Uncle Ben's death scene (though its taken from Amazing Spider-Man) I thought still really helped add that missing moment I felt MCU Spider-Man never quite delved into properly- the why Peter became Spider-Man. It really helped add the emotional intensity of the scene it was placed in. Other things I also appreciated was the removal of the Aunt May being hot jokes, making Vulture feel a bit more menacing when he kills Tom Hardy looking Shocker, the rubble scene cutting Tony's "If you're nothing without the suit..." dialogue and the proposal scene moved to the end credits.

Overall brilliant job on the edit, the rescores had more emotion and felt more memorable, the cuts elevated the tension and emotions to many of the scenes. This will easily replace the theatrical version for me.

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