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FanFix November 27, 2020 7458
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This was over all a fantastic Spider-Man edit, and inserted some semblance of the one thing it was missing (Uncle Ben) but that was also the source of the only problem I had with the edit: the segue back from the flashback was like getting hit with a hammer. That audio was not a smooth transition, and it really destroyed the moment. I also really hated that Uncle Ben death, but I get it. It was really the only one that made any sense with the younger May. Everything else about this edit I felt was fantastic and even an improvement over Bobson's excellent edit in that it trims a little of the over the top stuff. Over all, still going to become my go to edit for this movie. Strongly recommended.

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Owner's reply March 07, 2021

Thanks, the glitched audio transition from the Ben flashback to the dance has been fixed in v1.1. I used the alternate death in my Amazing edit so it made sense to repurpose the deleted version in this one to be more unique (instead of reusing the Spider-Man 1/Spider-Man 3 version with Thomas Haden Church as the killer which would be more jarring in my opinion). I think it fits the "doing good things because you can" theme as well. Plus as you said the ages matched up better, and there weren't that many shots from behind or above of Tobey Maguire really mourning over Ben's body as much as Andrew Garfield.

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