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Spider-Man: Far from Home is my favorite MCU film. Yes, I prefer it over Avengers: Endgame. A bold statement, I know. This extended cut made one of my favorite movies ever even better!

Video Quality:
Macmilln provides two different copies of the film: a 9GB mp4 at 9mbps, the quality of which was absolutely superb. The other option is a smaller 3GB mp4 at 3mbps. Still great quality. I don't find myself too bothered by low video bitrate unless I'm viewing the film on a larger screen, so the smaller more compressed file suited me just fine. Kudos to Macmilln for providing two qualities for people to choose from. There's something there for everyone.

Audio Quality:
The audio quality was pretty good too. The audio was encoded as an AAC 320kbps quality. Awesome quality, especially given the 3GB file size. I would have preferred to keep the original 5.1 audio track, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. And it's still a great quality track; I was able to reencode it to 160kbps for my iPod nano 7 and it didn't end up being too lossy.

Visual Editing:
Top notch. Having seen the film numerous times, I was able to distinguish when a cut was made and when a scene was inserted, but that doesn't mean the editing was bad at all. All the visuals were seamlessly integrated into the narrative without losing the story. And I applaud that. Great editing from Macmilln.

Audio Editing:
Also very good. There was only one cut where I was able to notice the change in music, but I think that was due to me being a seasoned viewer. The average moviegoer shouldn't notice anything. Very well done.

I'll just start off and say this is a critique of the movie as a whole and not the changes made by Macmilln. Everything added enhances the story and movies it along.
Even though this is my favorite MCU film, it's not without its issues. This movie hit all the right beats for me except one: My biggest gripe (which Homecoming also had) is that the movie is trying so hard to be a part of a bigger Marvel universe that it forgets to truly highlight the struggles that Peter Parker has in his life. Everything is practically handed to him in this iteration of the character, and that's where Raimi's Spidey really excels where this one fails. I also hate that Tony Stark has replaced Uncle Ben as Peter's role model, and it's especially apparent in this movie what with Tony Stark being gone following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Ben Parker has not been mentioned in a word of dialogue that I can remember in the entire MCU (the closest we've gotten is having his initials on Peter's suitcase in this film); and with him being a staple of what makes him Spider-Man, there's an issue with his absence.
However, the rest of the film is astounding. I love that it's a more light-hearted MCU film, something I think we all needed following the harrowing events of Infinity War and Endgame. The humor is great (I still laugh even though I've seen the film many many times), the story is great, and Jake Gyllenhaal really gets an opportunity to shine in this film with his role as Quentin Beck/Mysterio. I dearly hope we're not done seeing him yet. If we are, thank you, Mr. Gyllenhaal for bringing a fan-favorite villain to life.
Peter undergoes a lot of character development in this movie, and I really hope that, as Kevin Feige has promised, we get a Spider-Man being his own hero in the third installment rather than having him try to live in the shadow of Iron Man. That's what makes Spider-Man special.

All in all, this was an excellent film that I highly enjoyed and will watch again and again. This cut will be replacing the theatrical version of the film in my library because I find it that much more superior. Thank you, Macmilln, for giving us this extended version of Spider-Man: Far from Home.

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