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(Updated: April 28, 2020)
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A late review for an amazing fanedit.

Watched this one upon release and I've got to say that the To-Do List sequence is one that shouldn't of been cut, some more little character moments (Delmar!) and a snappy action scene showing he is truly a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. The additional scene with MJ on the plane was very nice too, showing a bit more of their relationship. The glasses scene was a tad on the nose ("you'll grow into them") but was a nice call back to Beck saying they didn't look so good.

Improves on the theatrical a lot, the only criticism I would say is that the checklist graphics in the To-Do list segment were a bit distracting as nothing like that appears anywhere else in the film. Otherwise, a perfect textbook extended edition! Perfect audio-visuals with no drop-offs in quality to discern these new scenes from the feature film.

An amazing example of a great extended cut, and a fitting title to boot!

UPDATE: My one qualm with this edit has now been fixed as the checklist graphics have now hit the cutting room floor in v2, so now this edit is nothing but perfect!
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