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Review by boon23 — February 17, 2008 @ 4:35 pm

I have just finished watching it and wanted to give a comment, even though it is not what I was hoping for after the VERY promising beginning…

Please note that this is all just my opinion and other people might think way differently about this.

For 20 minutes I was absolutely amazed from the changes you made and how you made them, how you rearranged scenes for trimming and what atmosphere came with it. This feeling came back at several parts later on, BUT I could not help feeling not overall entertained especially towards the end. I think it could have been better. Sorry.

In more detail from scenes I recall (contains heavy spoilers):
The beginning, how Peter Parker becomes Spiderman is very well crafted. A lot was trimmed that was unnecessary and the plot this way made sense to me. Really good.
The first thing that bothered me (and it was minor, but still took me out) was when uncle Ben gave aunt May a heads-up gesture. There was no explanation that they had any kind of problem with him. He mentions it later on, but it feels out of place, where it is.

We move on to Spidey fighting Bonesaw, again very well trimmed for the better,uncle Ben getting killed and Peter stopping the thief (presumed killer).

Then comes the quote: “With great power comes great responsibility…” this uncle Ben quote would have made much more sense, if it had been said before as it was in the original. Again it felt out of place (still the problem is minor).

Next to come is the introduction of the green goblin and I have major issues with that. Because there is none. We never see Norman take the serum nor get insane nor get the green goblin at all. He is just there, fully dressed and with unexplained superpowers (especially physically). The Spiderman universe is settled in the real world, so superpowers don’t come easy to everyone and I found myself really wondering, where he got the power from and why he was so mad being the leader of a successful company and so on. The explanation blankfist’s edit gives us that it drives him mad to lose the company… The original does the same, but it furthermore gives us the serum, which actually is the reason for the green goblin to be what he is.

The following fights and the plot was again very well trimmed and fun to watch, but I could not get over the superpower thing, so my entertainment level was kind of low, except for the relationship things inbetween, which were interesting and well edited. If I did not like the green goblin in the original I found him even worse in your edit.

We move on to Harry saying: “MJ is in love with Peter” ??? Why would Harry say that to his father? There was to much missing here. It is used as an excuse for Norman to hunt down Peter Parker/Spiderman, but it made little sense, since Harry had no reason to say it, as Peter made no move towards MJ. All that happened in the edit was MJ asking Peter to go out with her and Harry together. She also really admired Spiderman and Harry was jealous about that. But Peter? No.

Next Spiderman says to the green goblin that he tried to kill aunt May, but
this hasn’t happened in the edit. We only saw him scaring her. To much missing for Spidey’s line.

When the edit approaches the 2nd movie there is a very noticeable color change, but I consider this minor.

I really liked the Octavius part. You made this part exciting and cut the right parts from it. Very well done. My favorite part of the edit (except for aunt May umbrella scene, which I always hated and still do) I am not so sure mixing it with the sandman was such a good idea, because there is such a long time where he does not show up anymore. The idea to introduce him so early is kind of good though as it makes the movies 2 and 3 better flow into each other. Still it makes one wonder, why the sandman, who was all about getting money for his sick daughter, waited weeks to make his next move. It’s not like the guy had any kind of private life to attend to. Introducing him later would have worked better.

Still a great middle and for me definitely the best part of the fanedit.
When Spiderman 2 approaches its end, I would have really preferred the cut directly go to MJ and Peter in the web, instead of Peter leaving first (wherever) and switching to Harry discovering the secret room first.

We move on to Harry finding the goblin’s hidden room. Besides the scene being really very cheesy (as it was in the original), he finds the serum… but we never knew about any serum. We also don’t see him using it, so the audience has no idea what the green thing is about, but its presented as being important. And indeed it is as it would have explained Harry’s superpowers. The scene didn’t work well for me as did all Harry/Goblin Jr. scenes later on.

With the beginning of movie 3 the fanedit starts feeling long for me. Maybe because part 2 had so much good action and part 3 cannot keep up with that, maybe because I am at about 3h already, but the pacing does not work well for me, so the 3rd part of the fanedit most of all dropped my mood, even though you made some really good changes.

The addiction to the venom dress comes a bit fast as does Peter’s hair change. In the fanedit his behaving bad to his landlord is enough to make him feel real bad, but it seems like something is missing there. Perhaps it would have been better to drop the entire scene, let Harry blackmail MJ and let the story move on. We see the addiction taking place anyway. With the interception of the physician it should have been enough explanation.

Fighting the sandman still looks terrific, but somehow I have an action overdose, because it does not excite me at all.

Now what is MJ doing with that microphone? Besides that, great editing job of some ridiculous venom/Peter dancing scenes. First time this did not bother me to much. Still I think even the walking through the street with the girls looking at him would not have been necessary.

The relationship between Peter and MJ and gets a bit tedious meanwhile… together, apart, together… sigh… resulting in her being kidnapped again at the end, which really makes me smirk at best, but annoys me, because it is getting to much. The final battle between sandman, venom, goblin jr and Peter was actually rather boring.
And the wedding finale… I could have done without. I was actually happy the movie was finally over.

The end credits were just of the original movie. I was hoping for fanediting stuff comments or something, but you can’t have it all. I am sure this was a lot of work anyway.

So… to conclude this:
The movie started for me great (I loved how you added your name in the credits, although I would have preferred credits, where ALL main actors of all 3 movies would be named), turned to very weak with the appearance of the green goblin, even worse than in the original movie, was great with Doc Oc, was superficial with venom/sandman.

I think this was an average fanedit. It could have been a lot better, but of course it could have also been a lot worse. The faneditor made some interesting and radical choices for trimming so much and most of them worked very well. However, some details should have been added for a more logical plot.

The image quality was really good, I noticed some little stuttering in some scenes, but it’s minor. The color change from 1 to 2 was very obvious, but also minor, the image was sharp and detailed, the transitions were well done.

The audio quality was perfect. I did not notice any hard cuts there.

The DVD design is bare. Simple menus with no audio. But the faneditor took the time to name the chapters, which I do not see often, but it’s good.

All in all this gets a 3 of 5 from me. I can see the huge amount of work that went into that and the great talent of the faneditor, but I would really enjoy this being improved some more.

I will rather watch Spiderman 1 and 2 in their original version and never watch Spidey 3 again if I don’t have to.
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