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(Updated: March 20, 2022)
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I'll start this off by saying this is has become my favorite fan edit. Watching Spider Man 3 at the cinema when it first was released was one of the biggest cinematic disappointments of my young life. Having loved the previous two films, and Toby Maguire being my personal favourite actor in that role, I still remember walking out feeling so confused by what I had just witnessed. Why is Peter Parker dancing on chairs in a Jazz Club? Why did we need Sandman killing Uncle Ben? Why is there so much cringe? Please God, no more cringe! But what Bobson Dugnutt has been able to do with this edit is a miracle, turning a tonally, and thematically confused film that I felt was unwatchable and turned it into a thrilling, compelling, and thoroughly entertaining end to the trilogy. The editing and sound mix throughout was seamless, with all the worst being removed without a choppy feeling and smoothly adding in great unused m0ments. All of the extra Venom footage worked so well in building on Peters's darker moments.

To finish this off, it was so good that my partner who was going to bed early ended up staying until the end and asked me, "why have we never watched this before? it was great!".

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