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I know it's popular to take shots at this movie, but I still remember how disappointing it was seeing this in theatres after loving Spider-Man 2. After re-watching the original 2 movies before this edit, there are still several things I dislike about the movie as a whole, but what a difference this makes. Getting rid of the some of the worst parts of the movie (Sandman being Uncle Ben's killer, that terrible dance, etc) really did help the better parts of this movie shine. Somehow despite these helpful cuts it still feels like there's too much going on, and if I didn't enjoy the spectacle of the Sandman scenes I might be tempted to prefer a "no-Sandman" edit approach.

Putting aside any prejudice I have against this movie as a whole, this was a fantastic edit that really did the best job possible with the material given. It definitely helps me appreciate the movies as a trilogy, instead of just "those two good movies and the one we don't ever talk about".

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