Spider-Man 3: The Enemy Within

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Spider-Man 3: The Enemy Within
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Brief Synopsis:
The Enemy WIthin cuts over 20 minutes from the film, and adds back a selection of deleted scenes from the trailers as well as the official Editor's Cut, and trims various lines and subplots. Sandman is no longer Uncle Ben's killer, cheesy scenes and moments are gone, creating a much tighter and potentially darker film.

Swing by for a fresh ride, as Spider-Man 3 is cut down into the best film it can be.
I wanted to make the best cut of the film that I could, trimming out a lot of the fat and getting rid of the Uncle Ben subplot. And as I've seen the recent-ish release of the Editor's Cut with some new scenes that really add to the narrative, and with no fanedits that I know of using these new scene, I thought it wasn't a bad idea for me to do as well. SM3 has always been a favourite of mine since I was a kid, so it was fun to mess around with it and fix it up.
Other Sources:
Spider-Man Origins Collection Bonus Disc - The Editor's Cut (which is the base for the edit) and some trailers are included on this disc
Spider-Man: The Game (PS2) - For a Spidey line, grunt and some SFX here and there
Spider-Man 3 Trailers - A few shots for the symbiote chest and the Venom mirror scene were taken from a couple different trailers online
Spider-Man 3: Original Motion Picture Score by Chrisopher Young - Select tracks were used to fill gaps here and there
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I've taken reference from a few edits, mainly badscooter's Redemption and ItsSoRandom's Back and Black, but the editing is all me.
The Editor's Cut was used as the base as there are some alternate scenes and some cut scenes that I was a big fan of. Mainly just some little bits that weren't too important, but the film works better without them. There's a mildly new colour grading compared to the old BR, but I haven't touched it as I didn't notice much of a difference. There is also a lot of new score, as Chrisopher Young's work was re-recorded in the theatrical cut and composed with Danny Elfman doing some work, but with this new EC, the original score was reinstated.
Cuts and Additions:
- changed the opening credits from a bright blue to a grey-black
- cut the kids walking away from the screen and Pete trying to lure them back
- cut Pete's "I'm so nervous" when the music starts as the 2 guys squash him
- cut most of the Harry and Pete dialogue in their confrontation outside the play
- cut most of Peter and MJ's talk backstage as the Harry convasation transitions into Harry and the Goblin Serum
- cut the cops rolling away as Marko watches
- cut Marko's ex-wife saying "you maybe even killed a man"
- cut Marko's ex-wife saying "you and the truth in a box...eating 3 meals a day"
- cut Marko saying "I'm not a bad guy, just bad luck"and rearranged some shots to compensate
- cut Aunt May's story about Uncle Ben. It's not bad, it just slows the scene right down and drags quite a bit
- cut some of the struggle in the Harry/Pete fight before Harry cuts him
- trim some of Pete swinging and blasting web balls at Harry
- cut Pete's goofy close up as he's falling
- cut a close up of Pete's goofy face as he's being dragged across the building
- cut a cop telling Cpt. Stacy about Marko's whereabouts and his involvment in Uncle Ben's murder
- cut Marko punching a cop dog
- cut shot of Marko diving into the sandpit (Editor's Cut change)
- cut the scientists from the Sandman creation scene
- cut the nurse talking to Harry about his friends and the "subtle" foreshadowing
- cut everything in the MJ Review convo between 'this is about me" and "it's just, i look at these words"
- cut "they sound like my father wrote them" as the police dispatcher interrupts her as she sighs
- cut Pete's "Go get em tiger?"
- cut Pete's "I'm sorry"
- cut Gwen's modeling scene and thw whole "I've got a secret, it's my copeyah"
- rescored the intial crane impact instead of the upbeat music playing in the office
- cut Eddie's "are you smiling? just kidding"
- cut Eddie's "he makes you look kind of bloated, y'know a little chunky". He now calls Parker an amateur and Spidey reponds with an "Okay?"
- cut the JJJ and Ted Raimi slogan/vibrating desk pill scene
- cut Pete's goofy dancing to the marching band
- replaced Spidey's "Shazam!" with a "Yahoo!" courtesy of Spider-Man: The Game (2002)
- cut the kid being disgusted at Spidey kissing Gwen
- cut Pete talking to himself at the table as he reherses what Gwen might say
- Added 2 new shots of Symbiote crawling up Peter's chest, creating the new symbol, from trailers
- Cut Peter saying, 'This is something else', replaced with…
- Added shot of Black Suit Spidey jumping off building from trailer
- Move Dr Conners explaining the symbiote to later
- Cut entire scene Peter going back to his apartment and chosing the Black Suit. The first two black suit scenes are back to back
- Cut Eddie getting out digital camera
- shortened shot of Marko looking at the ceiling (Editor's Cut change)
- Cut ‘Remember Ben Parker?’ ect.
- Cut shot of Spider-Man swinging through the water as Sandman is "killed"
- Cut Peter making his emo fringe in the alley mirror
- Cut Mr Ditkovich saying Pete is a good boy and "must be in trouble" after Pete tells him to fix this damn door
- Added new shots of Peter seeing Venom in his reflection, as he rips the suit off
- Cut Pete telling Aunt May that Spidey killed Marko
- Move Dr Conners scene to after Peter sees Venom in the mirror, as this spook was the inciting incident to investigate the suit
- Cut Harry telling Bernard to get some food
- Cut Peter apologising to Mr Ditkovich (Editor's Cut change)
- Added scene of Peter looking at the Black Suit case (Editor's Cut change)
- Cut Norman saying 'Make him wish he were dead. First, we attack his heart (Editor's Cut change)
- Replaced scene of Ursila telling Pete he has a phone call with an alternate version (Editor's Cut change)
- Added scene of Peter opening the Black Suit case and smiling (Editor's Cut change)
- Cut Peter walking down street glancing at girls
- Cut "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye"
- Added Black Suited Spider-Man swinging in daytime (Editor's Cut change)
- Added Peter putting away the Black Suit and looking famished (Editor's Cut change)
- Moved restaurant scene after Eddie being fired (Editor's Cut change)
- Cropped shot to remove waitress
- Cut waitress 'How's the pie?' and Harry's response 'So good'
- Replaced intro to Pete and Harry fight with an alternate version (Editor's Cut change)
- Cut a shot of Harry pulling the knife out of Pete as the next shot is a different take but slightly zoomed
- Cut a shot of Pete dodging the Goblin sword
- Cut another shot of Pete dodging the sword as the glider flies around the room
- Cut Pete's "Look at little Goblin Jr, gonna cry?"
- Added Spider-Sense sound when Harry throws pumpkin bomb at Peter
- Cut 'Funky Souls' montage
- Cut Sandman saying 'Penny' after he reforms
- Added Sandman visiting his daughter in the form of a sandcastle (Editor's Cut change)
- Cut “I swear to you, he will not stop me again” at the end of the Sandcastle scene
- Trim jazz club scene, now he only dances with Gwen
- Added a few seconds of black after Venom swallows the camera
- Cut Peter talking to Aunt May and trying to give back the ring, only for her to inspire him in some way (Editor's Cut change)
- Modulated Venom's voice to deepen it and add some reverb
- cut "we now crosslive..." from the anchorman
- cut "we're only 100 feet away now" from the reporter
- Cut Bernard the Butler telling Harry that Norman killed himself (Editor's Cut change)
- Added scene of Harry looking at a photo of himself, MJ and Peter as he cries (Editor's Cut change)
- Cut the news reporter talking about hope and some clapping crowd shots here
- Trim shot of Spidey landing on the taxi for some coninuity between shots
- Cut straight from Venom smashing through the top of the taxi to Spidey falling into the web
- Cut “We can settle this” and the entire exchange. It's now simply "You made me lose my girl..."
- Removed news reporter and crying girl when Sandman is beating Peter
- Cut one of Sandman's hits to fix continuity with Spidey's position
- Cut Sam Rami’s kids saying 'Awesome!' and 'Wicked cool!'
-Cut “I may need some help over her” and “I’m a little busy”
- Cut JJJ asking the kid for a job and her response
- Cut the "films extra" gag as well
- Cut Harry yelling 'Am I interrupting?'
- Cut all shots of Harry before he jumps in front of the glider
- Create custom matte to cover Harry in one shot
-Cut Peter reaching for the bar, now he just webs it
- Cut a shot of Peter looking back and forth before he webs the bar
- Cut “You had a choice when you killed my uncle”
- Cut “I told your uncle all I wanted was the car” and subsequent flashback
- Cut close ups of Peter/MJ crying

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