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(Updated: August 05, 2014)
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Thank you for this edit, Badscooter. It's a huge improvement over the original version.

I recommend this edit to anyone who enjoyed certain elements of Spider-Man 3, but was turned off by its overall goofiness and lame subplots. I love that Sandman doesn't have a personal connection to Peter anymore (the scene where black-suit Spider-Man angrily goes after Sandman and 'kills' him, now comes across as a jealous and ego-inflated Spider-Man going after the guy who beat him in an earlier fight, rather than going after the man who killed his uncle. This actually makes Peter's descent with the symbiote seem much much darker).

I also like that some of Gwen Stacy's stuff was cut out. Her character wasn't done well in this series.

With this edit, I found myself sympathizing with Harry and MJ A LOT more.

And of course, the greatest thing about this edit is that there's no ridiculous montage of Peter being 'bad'.

I thought all the editing was great, and I like the image of MJ that flashed as Peter was in bed and about to be taken by the symbiote. I would have removed the images of Ben Parker though since they seemed to come out of nowhere.

I like the small edits here and there of removing silly one-liner helped keep me engaged in the drama and action.

And the only thing in this edit that still significantly bothered me was how Peter sort of danced along with the marching band at the ceremony to give Spider-Man the key to the city.

Overall, a great edit that turned an unwatchable movie into a very watchable one.

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