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(Updated: September 24, 2013)
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I can't give much input on the audio/video quality as I only watched the avi on a laptop screen and laptop speakers. That said, it sounded great and I didn't notice any problems.

The visual editing was great. I couldn't notice any hard cuts. In fact, the only time where I really noticed a cut was during the ending dialogue between Sandman and Peter. This was probably one of the harder spots to cut since a lot probably had to do with uncle Ben.

The audio editing was also great. The one recommendation I would make is to remove Peter referencing the Sandman by name when they are fighting in the subway/sewers. This is an artifact of being told about the true ID of ben's killer, and it seems out of place. Peter could of learned his name on TV, but it is strange as an audience who doesn't really even know his name.

As for the narrative, it is improved, but this edit also reveals to me just how weak the original narrative is and how much it relies on both venom and the Sandman's identity. The source just had too much going on, and it's hard to work with.
Even though this was an improvement, this edit had me seriously wondering about the Sandman. Why does Peter care about him and why is he so merciless toward him? Why does the Sandman want to kill Peter and why does he join up with Venom? Is he a killer or not? Some of these questions are problems with the original, but they are emphasized in this edit. One possible suggestion would be to move Spiderman's hatred of Sandman and attempted murder of Sandman to later in the movie around when he does the same to Harry. It's then that we see the influence Venom has on Peter and his anger toward Sandman in that subway fight would make more sense at that point. As is, we are confused on why Spiderman is ruthless. Later on we realize the influence the suit has on him.

Of course the strength of this edit is how it highlights MJ, Harry, and Peter. Sandman's plot is worthless imo, and Venom's was half-assed. If only the source had kept Venom and Sandman out of it.. Nonetheless, the weak dialogue and character motivations of the source still haunt this edit.

Overall, good job with the source material. I recommend this edit. And for any doubters, three things make this my go-to version:
1. Opening sequence: No narrating Spidey!!!
2. Sandman: not Ben's killer!
3. Harry: helps without Bernard's dumb advice!

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