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So first of all: That’s one very impressive firstling,

Like many people i can’t stand Spider-Man 3 and i was really curious about this no sandman edit.
There are a lot of good editing choices but sadly also a lot of misses – the removal of the sandman plot more or less caused the beginning Spider-Man 3 to become real soap opera drama. Since the sandman was used as a plotdevice to get peter angry/blacksuited and this is now missing the effect of the black suit is really reduced, the turn to the “dark side” happens really abruptly.
Sadly also a lot of bad things from the original remained in this edit: spidey narrating the beginning, mj singing, amnesia harry, unmasked peter in spidey costume on spiderman day, saturday night peter, american flag spiderman – now i understand that removing those elements too would basically turn the no sandman edit in a 10 minute clip

on the other hand, the final battle was really damn impressive. In the original version the sandman parts lacked tension because he was more less invincible and there was no way to know if spiderman had the slightest bit of a chance against this thing

maybe an edit could work where spiderman kills sandman blacksuited and he doesn’t reappear, only venom at the end

but there are no plotholes, technical glitches or anything and it was a pretty good watch (apart from the soap elements)

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