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(Updated: January 12, 2014)
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Spiderman 3 no sandman edition is a great example of what a fanedit is all about. the editor has successfully removed a character giving a total new feel the film and in doing so removed the terrible storyline that sandman was the actual killer to Peter Parker’s uncle. however the film has some faults though I wouldn’t blame the faneditor.

The problem I found was that Venom just wasn’t a strong enough character (compared to previous villains) to warrant Peter to ask for Harry’s help but we can only work with what we have. they were many other scenes included which brought disaprovel from fans the first time the most annoying of them being Peter emo faze but with a running length at just over 90mins any more cuts would result in a film barley touching the 80min mark

So my final summary would be that Spiderman 3 no sandman edition is definitely worth seeing and I’m sure will influence some faneditors to rework the film, though for me it’s not a edit that I would re-watch

overall 7/10

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