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Review by flyboy707 — November 27, 2009 @ 6:14 pm

I was never much of a fan of the Spider-man movies after the first. To me, the second and third movies were lacking and seemed “phoned in” to me. I recieved all three commerical DVDs as a gift recently and watch ed them over a two-week period. I’ll have to admit, I did a lot of fast-forwarding on my BD player (especially during the third movie).

Having said that, I download this fanedit and was quite happy. I disagree with a lot of the reviews here in that a lot of the action was edited out. For me, number 3 was overkill in action and i got bored with it quick. This edit, for me, makes a much more focused movie (plot and character wise) and focuses in on Peter Parker’s decline and confusion. I liked the Sandman character in the theatrical release, but with that storyline, the Venom storyline, the Goblin storyline and then the whole MJ-Peter thing – there is just too much going on and no one area is really fleshed out.

I like this edit because it excises a lot of needless sub-lplot and action and makes for a much more tighter, well-paced movie.
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