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Review by zeppelinrox — November 15, 2009 @ 4:35 pm

I haven’t seen Spidey 3 since watching at the theatre and I just watched this edit last night. I did like it more than the original in that it didn’t drag on too long, though it did drag on a bit. After the opening fight with Peter and Harry, there is no action and all melodrama until the 55 minute mark.

The only improvement I can suggest is to just cut the whole amnesia thing so as to pick up the pace a bit. MJ would still have to betray Peter though, because that’s why Peter’s turned to the dark side in this version. But I wouldn’t show the part with MJ’s dinner and dance with Harry. Because that makes us not feel bad for MJ anymore. Best to just show her calling Harry and then MJ breaking up with Peter and Harry telling Peter that the other guy is indeed Harry himself. I really like the pie remark ;) so that has to stay. So with those modifications, it could get cut down to about an hour runtime with a much quicker pace without losing anything too important.

The editing, video and audio quality – all impeccible, as I watched the DVD version. Those are all 10/10

The story… 7/10, only because of the long lapse in action – I didn’t mind the disco/nightclub Peter scenes too much this time around, maybe because I knew to expect it and was able to just appreciate the impact of Peter becoming a prick.

Overall 8/10
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