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An extended edition of Spider-man 3, integrating in deleted scenes and utilizing the officially released Editor’s cut as it’s base.I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to watch a longer version of this movie, mostly it’s because a lot of the cuts that I saw only added to the film.

Spider-man 3 is almost legendary in how much it was panned. Coming off the zeitgeist of the second film, it was considered a disappointment.

Yet, it still retains some of it’s Raimi goofy melodramatic charm. Raimi’s love of horror takes front stage with the Sandman character a few times here but just like with Doc Ock it’s intertwined with a melancholy sadness.The scenes with the Sandman reflecting his inability to connect with his daughter because of his continuous bad choice. There’s a particular scene here with a sandcastle that is quite poignant.

Thematically it’s also a rather interesting film, leaning on the idea of forgiveness, with Harry forgiving Peter and vice versa along with Peter forgiving Flint, and MJ forgiving Peter. It leans heavily on a tenuous emotional factor of the three core friends (Peter, MJ, and Harry) that essentially is the thoroughline of the trilogy. Unfortunately, a lot of the compelling Harry Osborne moments get lost in the background of the film as we give time to Eddie Brock and the Stacys.

Also it continues to get emotional mileage out of Uncle Ben’s death. When it’s all said and done, Peter’s responsibility here is to “keep saving” people, and it’s done threefold, either physically (with Eddie Brock) or emotionally (with Flint Marko and Harry). And even if it’s the least enjoyable part of the film, I do appreciate how the Venom subplot weaves in with a story of forgiveness, unresolved grief, anger, and revenge.

As for the fanedit: It’s seamless in its ability to weave in new scenes. Not all of the deleted scenes are winners, particularly more shots of the folded Venom suit in the case. Yet from what I saw of the cutlist, everything in here makes sense.

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