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(Updated: March 30, 2020)
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Outstanding work! I always resented Spider-Man 3 for ending the saga on a frustrating note. The film was a bloated mess and tonally inconsistent.

Bobson Dugnutt does the impossible with his restructure and makes the film not only less frustrating, but enjoyable. I still have some issues with how packed the film is, but the emotional journeys of the characters learning to forgive now make for a satisfying and earnest end to the trilogy.

This edit develops Flint/Sandman into a stronger character. In particular, the sandcastle scene with him works so well here. It seems to highlight a key point of the film and those of all the characters -- being a superhero is like being a king at times, but that exhilaration often is short-lived much like the sandcastle vanishing so suddenly. People like Peter must learn to relish but not take for granted their abilities.

My biggest complaint with Spider-Man 3 and this edit rests with Eddie/Venom. He is the only character who does not align with the forgiveness/redemption overarching theme and he seems like an afterthought. When the film pauses to give him a chance to admit to his addiction to power and let go of that pursuit, he just quips that he likes being bad. This part rings false and dulls the impact of the rest of the action finale. I wonder if there is a way to omit that line, so it is less about him being evil and more about him being a lost cause/too far gone as Peter's line could be met by Venom just swallowing Eddie's face (a reminder that Peter was lucky to escape the creature's influence before it consumed him).

The audio and video work in this edit is superb. I watched with a 2.6gb copy and wonder if there is a version with a higher bitrate. If not, that would be my only request for a future update. Also fingers crossed for a 4K release of the trilogy!

I will continue to check out Bobson's edits, as this was impressive.

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