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With Spider-man 2.2 Bobson takes an already superior cut of a film but restores the little from the theatrical cut that wasn't broken to begin with, which for most is the shorter exchange in the elevator. When watching the retail copy, I used to have to decide which version I was in the mood for. This cut eliminates that need.

If I have one minor detail I don't like from 2.1 it's the sequence in the train fight where Spider-man gets hit by a train travelling in the opposite direction, he just shrugs it off and continues swinging, that part always seemed a bit too cartoony for me, but I don't see any other complaints, and maybe I shouldn't be looking for plausibility in a film that during many other moments doesn't obey the rules of physics either.

Anyway as I said, this is the perfect compromise between the two cuts so if you are a fan of the Raimi trilogy, it's a must have for your collection.

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