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Audio/Video Quality:
The audio and video quality are exactly what I'd expect from and HD file at this size.

Visual Editing:
The visual editing was great and if all I had were eyes and subtitles I wouldn't have picked up on much of anything. Here's some nitpicking: The opening shot felt a bit off due to the lack of audio leading into it. It's exactly the same (minus the on screen text) as the source so this is more an interesting by-product of the new sound design. The original version of this movie has a pretty ugly color grade. I like what you were able to achieve in a lot of the interior shots, especially the color grade of the interior shots of M's office and at Q's new underground facility. These scenes now have a great vibrance and the darks actually look dark instead of a very dark shade of blue. I also like how you were able to remove some yellows from the funeral scene. Only other real nitpicky things I could say is that when they leave the train there is a jump in placement of Bond from away from the building to leaning against it and the view is from behind him, a flash frame occurs at 2:10:28 and there's a "Enter Text" that fades in at the very end of the film 2:15:50.
Great work!

Audio Editing:
As noted above, the jump into the Dia De Los Muertos scene felt a bit abrupt without the fade in of the crowd.  It works, but for me personally I'd prefer the fade in. The restored 007nside theme music was a vast improvement over Sam Smith's track. The transition did feel a little abrupt as Bond looked at the ring and the shift in the music occurs. I think this could be smoothed out by using a bit of a longer audio transition through a more gradual cross fade and/or using the first percussive lines to bring us fully into the new track. I honestly don't know why they didn't use this track in the theatrical release. It nails that iconic Bond feeling. Great choice! I did notice most of the audio cuts in the movie as they have a jump feeling to them due to the omitted portions causing the music to jump out of rhythm with the scene. Again, I think some crossfading or reworking of the audio tracks could smooth those out and then there'd be no issue.

I personally didn't have an issue with the connection between Bond and Blofeld, but it was interesting to see how you were able to turn Blofeld into a classic Bond villain by omitting a handful of lines. It tightens up the movie and makes it more of a classical stand alone Bond adventure. Great job!

I enjoyed seeing how these slight adjustments brought the story more in line with the classic Bond formula. While I'm not a classic Bond fan, I do like the Daniel Craig era with its ongoing story line. I thought this edit might hurt that storyline, but LastSurvivor retained just enough of the previous connections as to keep the story connected and moving whilst also eliminating a twist that perhaps didn't need to be there in the first place. I'd say I enjoyed the narrative of this movie as much as I did the original. The only real issues I had with this edit were the audio transitions during the cuts. I'm a bit obsessive in that area. My enjoyment would be a solid 9  if a few audio edits were smoothed out. A handful of crossfading and soundtrack rebuilding could do the trick.

A special shout out bonus for your awesome editor video diary. The fact that you create these is awesome and I hope one day to have the courage to get in front of a camera to talk about what I did. I always enjoy and learn from editors that share the "why" of what they do :)
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