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It is always a pleasure to watch a fan edit by a master craftsman such as Last Survivor. Particularly a Jame Bond fan edit. As the song goes, Nobody Does It Better! LS's passion for the Bond franchise is legendary on this Forum, and with SPECTRE, the 24th installment in the movie series, LS once again demonstrates a loving and deft editing touch. Meticulously edited, the cuts were seamless to my eye and audio work smooth to my ear. On the technical side, this edit is excellent.

On the narrative side, which is always subjective for the viewer, LS has done his best to elevate this last entry from a mediocre Bond to a Better Bond. Joyfully gone is the most offensive moment in entire Bond saga -- the truly king of bad/lazy writing ideas -- the Brother Blofeld plot line! It is cleanly erased from this version and the movie does not lose a beat. So instantly this makes this a better movie in my book. However, it is still a movie with a generic action third act and an uninspired musical score, and while LS does his best to improve this, there is only so much an editor can do with the material. But I think LS has done an amazing job considering what little there is to work with and still keep the plot coherent.

And then we come to the crown jewel of this edit, Last Survivor's commentary track. Always a joy to listen to! The honesty and insightfulness LS shares about his creative process is a delight and his Bond knowledge is always an education for me. I have said it before, the "professionals" could take lessons from LS on how to deliver an informative and interesting commentary track.

So a great edit, though still not a great Bond movie. But absolutely BETTER than the original and highly recommended.
Thumbs UP!

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