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I one of those that was very let down by Spectre, specially since the same director and cast were returning after the great Skyfall.

Unfortunately, this edit by Aztek463 does little to improve on the overall enjoyment experience of the official release, the main structure and full plot remains (almost?) intact. Some trims as listed in the edit release info here and there remove some of the most annoying elements, which is quite a good thing; but still not enough for my taste. 7 on Narrative and Enjoyment.

On the technical side of things, wow! I am impressed with the editing, and A/V quality. If I didn't hit play on my HTPC i would have been fooled into thinking this was a store bought bluray, all of the footage and specially the audio quality are top notch - and the sound levels are a thing of beauty - watching this edit gave my Onkyo Amp quite a workout and brought much enjoyment to my eyes and ears. A definite 10 on all technical scores, and that's just because there isn't an 11 available.

I read Aztek is going to release a more radical edit of this film, I am looking forward to it. It just scratch my itch.
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