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Review by tranzor — December 22, 2008 @ 3:26 am

Jorge strikes again!

Only a certain few editors out there can be successful at taking two film classics and combining them into one feature, while being creative enough to give their own additions and alter the plot without ruining the film. Jorge is such an editor.

Here we take the classic of Frankenstein and truly show him for what he is, not an unfortunate, misunderstood creature, but the vicious terrorizing the country side monster he should have been. You no longer feel any remorse for this undead monster and it was very refreshing to treat him as such.

Adding to this is the nice transition and combination of using Bride of Frankenstein to bridge the gap and give you a true full feature while still retaining the nasty elements of the monster that is portrayed in this edit.

The video was color treated and now gives the film an actual finer detail and brownish, sepia tone. In fact I prefer this more than the original black and white. It truly adds a "murky" overall feeling to the film.

My only real compliant is the newer score pieces that were added in. Let me be clear now and say that they do fit the scenes they are supposed to be representing. However, they are also very clean sounding and do not match the overall older audio and picture feel that you are viewing. Perhaps if the added audio were given a filter to "age" it a bit so it jives more in place. As it stands now the newer audio drastically sticks out and this kind of ruins the overall feel it should be giving you because of it. Not really a major issue, but it did distract me a little.

Without giving away too much more, I strongly recommend this edit for film classic connoisseurs and horror fans alike.

4 out of 5 stars. This easily would have been 5 stars if it were not for my slight disagreement with the newer audio

One of the best parts not having to do with the edit was the lovely trailer for his "Behemoth" edit which hopefully will be coming out soon. Considering I completely do not acknowledge one of the films used in it, Jorge once again might be able to pull off the impossible..

The dvd has very nice live menus and some bonus trailer material

Get this edit now!!!
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