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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
ku7uk - dec 28 2009

Firstly, let me say thank-you to everyone that contributed into this project. While I may be an unknown on this site, I work as an independent film-maker. So I would like to offer my insight into this great collaborative work. I warn you that its not all good comments, but I admire your contribution and thank you for your work. The opinion expressed is my own and I only say them in hope that it can be of use to you as constructive criticism to improve your next works.

Wall-E Fantasy
This short started amazingly, and the blend between Wall-E and Final fantasy was superb. The editing was flawless and I was immediately taken into the world of the editor. However, being a fan of both films, it was difficult to get past the lack of an ending. You want it to go somewhere but just doesn't. I know the editor only had so much footage to work with, but maybe he could have stuck the Titan AE opening on the end and blew up the planet just to finish things off?

But in the end, this is what I believe fan-editing is about. Taking two completely different stories and integrating them together to create a whole new story. That is its strength and for that reason, this is the short that takes top marks at successfully completing the main goal.

Alien Elements
It's an interesting project and as a shortened version of AVP, it works very well. Unfortunately the other films spliced in seem fruitless and only drag the story, rather than add to it. The talking Predator was probably not needed. However I liked what you tried to do, I just think it was too similar to the original movie.

Humans are Limited
I never liked the original movie, and this condensed version didn't sit with me at all. It was slow and I fast-forwarded through it, sorry.

Aggressive Negotiations
This is a condensed version of the Star Wars Clone Wars movie to fit into the format of the TV Series, and it achieves that goal very, very well. Everything is tightly edited and well-put together. The story is strong and there are no weak points.

Star Wars Phantom Documentary
This is basically a deleted scene with an introduction put in front of it. There was no plot or real technical editing here. And while the deleted scene was interesting, in my opinion, it wasn't worth making this short out of it.

Mayflower Madness
A condensed movie or Airplane 2. Unlike the others, this is based on a parody, which means you are missing 90% of the jokes. I don't understand why this was made, as you really need to watch the full film to get the full humour. There's nothing wrong with the short and it's technically well-made, even with the explosive ending. But a parody like this has you laughing every few seconds, and I would much rather laugh for 90 minutes that 15 minutes.

I scanned through it. I never watched Solaris and this short didn't hold my interest either. Sorry, I couldn't sit through and watch it. It might not be your fault, I just found the original film boring, and that might have affected my watching your short.

Humans are Limitless
This started as a music video, and then became a mismatch of scenes from movies with the transformers soundtrack playing underneath. I didn't understand it and there was no plot.

Overall, I think the collection is okay. But I feel many of you are just trying to put a short together as quickly as possible just to get a film amongst the collection. The first constitution was about making new films using existing movies and splicing them together to create a new story. I feel that the goal has been forgotten and while condensed movies are nice, that isn't what fan editing is about (in my opinion).

If it takes having an extra 6 months on the deadline, then that is what needs to be done. But original stories, and maybe some defined rules about what's allowed (documentaries / music videos etc.) need to be made, as I see no reason why they are amongst a collection suppose to be called "short films".
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