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Shorts August 16, 2012 3243
(Updated: September 25, 2012)
tranzor - jan 13 2010

This is how I see it:
Most of this (and other consecution editions) consist of material I may or may not have seen before. Therefore I do not read descriptions ahead of time and just sit back and watch what is presented. In doing so this gives me a total unbiased view of what I am watching. Does what I see make sense? Do I see a nice short story or understand what the editor is trying to accomplish? For some of the past consecution projects (namely Batman) a lot of the time I had no idea just what in the world I was supposed to be watching, until I read the descriptions afterward, then it made more sense. Luckily that did not happen here.

I am going to do this as a group project review and not go through edit by edit. I will say I did see some nice stand outs and some that, well… kind of remained in the background. I also noticed more creativity and nice visuals raising the fan edit effects bar.

I loved the menu system, however on my 27″ analog tv the font writing for each fan edit on the menu was almost un-readable. A slightly larger font size would have worked better

Still with only that minor issue, the edit was almost a balanced mix of ones I did enjoy and ones I did not enjoy so much. I am giving this consecution an 8
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