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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
spelledaren - dec 29 2009

Great work you guys. This makes 4/4 consecutions that I have really enjoyed watching. 8 / 10 for the whole project.

Wall-E Fantasy: Sweet! I was so pleased that the FF parts worked so well! Nicely done sir! 8 out of 10 for excellence in editing, even if the story is somewhat lacking.

Alien Elements: Hehe, funny start, even if parts of it didn’t look exactly right. Really good choices from the AvP movie I think. A little rushed, a little weird, but totally enjoyable. 7/10.

Humans are Limited: I like this, but it’s basicly just a parrt of the movie. I mean, it’s a great great part, and has a different ending (that I like), but I like it when people try to do something more of their own. 6/10 for me.

Aggressive Negotiations: This works really well as an episode in the series. It feels complete! Not a big fan of the animated SW though, and it’s not creating something new. But I really liked the feeling we got from it all, so 7/10.

Star Wars: Episode II.I: Odd…not a short story! And sync issues. Sorry. Liked a little bit of it, for 2/10.

Mayflower Madness: hehehehe…had some laughs, and it tells a story from lift off to ending. Still felt like scenes don’t always tell a cohesive story, and Striker just is there suddenly. The new end made me smile! 6/10.

Klone: I was really digging this, but got a little confused. This might be the intention, but I lost that good feeling I had. In total I settled for 7/10, just missing out on an 8 for me.

Humans are Limitless: I think I’m a BY fan. I just love what you do with some shots, but at other times you’re so damn weird! I wonder if this could have been shorter? More to the point? 7/10 anyway!

Menus – awesome, extra info on the editors was fun too. Good work everyone!
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