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sunarep - dec 29 2009

Well that’s the second consecution I am going to review and first things first: it cannot touch the Batman Consecution.

I have to agree with on of the previous posters that a consecution should be more than a collection of compressed movies, a consecution should combine different elements (like Infodroids fabulous “Bruce Wayne: Depths of Darkness” or even if it is a recut it should be like “Mayhem and Mistletoe” where you experience two different scenes from a movie as one styled up in a sin city like fashion.

Overall I’d give this consecution 6/10 even though i would like to rate it higher (special congrats to the menu design, it was great) but there are a few gripes i have.

now to the fanedtis:

Adabisi – Humans Are Limited

While technically flawless this was an edit i more or less skipped through, since in essence it is just a compressed version of a scene from 2001 – so it wasn’t that interesting to watch. Compressing a scene should be done if the movie itself is flawed because of pacing/bad humor etc,. all the michael bay problems one can think of – since 2001 is more or less a perfectly shot/balanced/paced movie – any cuts or separate scenes might be nice to look at – only way to tackle movies like 2001 is to either remix it (looking at jorge :D ) or grindhouse them (TMBTM) or something i will adress when i come to the next edit


Blueyoda -Humans Are Limitless

This is an edit I’m really torn over – i can’t say I enjoyed it, but the concept at the beginning, this idea got me so excited that I beg blueyoda to start a full featurelength fanedit mixing Transformers and 2001! Please Please Please!
The beginning was very weird with the computergraphics about optimus prime, but the whole idea of combining the monolith with the allspark was funny and an interesting concept. The Music Video was not really a great addition and after a while the whole thing fell apart. While Megatron/hal is a funny idea it was more like a fun video but not like a real fanedit that changed the story – Megahal 9000 was proclaiming his reign during the interview and nobody reacted

5/10 – but the concept would get a 10/10

Gaith's Star Wars: Episode 2.1 - Attack Of The Phantom

I don’t think i understand this edit … well the audio was a little messed up and while i enjoyed the interviews at the beginning, where Lucas and Company where basically talking about what we guys here at do, the whole “deleted scene” stuff was just.. meh...


M77 - Mayflower Madness

Haven’t watched this one yet, but I have the same problems with it that i have with “humans are limited” – a best of ... well that’s the stuff for clipshows not fanedits. but i’ll give it a try, maybe it will work

ThrowgnCpr - Alien Elements

Now here the fanedit spirit starts to shine through. While AVP is not a good movie it can be edited to an enjoyable one. The beginning was a great blend between AVP and Fifth Element and the Alien Symbol in the middle as the “fifth element” made me smirk. The Predator appearance is a bit choppy, it is an interesting thought, but there probably wasn’t that much footage. I liked how the editor avoided the whole arctic plot and just said “a pyramid was discovered” – i was a little disappointed that the predator didn’t talk to lex at the end, would have been a cool idea to insert some lines from fifth element

I didn’t like the predator vision especially in the beginning


Uncanny Antman - Clone Wars - Aggressive Negotiations

It’s uncanny antman, what do you expect? This was a way better star wars experience than the initial “episode”/”movie” of the clone wars and having the whole “snips” etc. talk removed really helped the experience. I’m still no fan of the cartoony “obi wan drinks tea while negotiating” but there’s only so much an editor could do.
I must say the ending was perfect, using the dialog to make it anakins decision to take asoka is just great, it felt more natural and to the star wars geek in me this is the official version of the asoka meeting now


TMBTM - WALL-E Fantasy

Well well well...

This was the first short i watched and at the start i was a little pissed, because I thought the editor would just cut wall-e down to 10 minutes (i didn’t read the description on the page). Then the movie got a little darker and i thought “is this deliberate or is there an error with the color filter and even though one could tell that the dark “evening” atmosphere was added by an editor it was still neat – when the final fantasy ship landed this edit became a “holy *peep*” experience and yeah what can i say: this is the true spirit of consecution fanediting. Congrats to this great piece of editing.

And while i can understand some people complaining that it felt chopped of, i was so happy with every second of editing that everything past the spaceship landing was a treat

Congrats to TMBTM!

Elbarto 1 - Klone

Very enjoyable yet again suffering from the compressed-edit problem, but the mixing with the sunshine footage was well done and it felt a little more rounded than the 2001 edit

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