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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
elbarto1 - dec 29 2009

Here's my review of Consecution 4: Space

TMBTM – Wall-E Fantasy: Great concept, well excecuted but lacks a solid ending. I deeply admire and respect your ability to mash up different sources so seamlessly TMBTM, well done sir! 8/10

ThrowgnCpr – Alien Elements: Another great concept that gives AvP a new spin. I loved the talking predator even if he had no mask but retained the vocalization HUD ;) sorry its the Predator fanboy in me. 7/10

Adabisi – Humans Are Limited: Loved it. As a fan of the original I can recognize that it drags into arty farty territory. This edit speeds up the meat and potato’s and makes for a quick ride to the good stuff. 9/10

Gaith – Attack Of The Phantom: I dont fully understand this one. I gather that it is poking fun at Lucas and co for making a 5 minute plot into 3 films and filling them all with useless eye-candy. 5/10

Uncanny Antman – Clone Wars: Well edited condensed Clone Wars film. This cut retained all the good stuff while trimming the crap. I didnt miss “skyguy” at all. 7/10

M77 – Mayflower Madness: A funny condensed version of Airplane 2. Too bad this was just one big rehash of Airplane. I liked the effort but didnt find the humor very funny (subjective) 6/10

Elbarto1 – Klone: I of course like my short but refrain from reviewing my own work ;)

Blueyoda – Humans are Limitless – I loved this peice. Like all interpretive art, you run the gamut from love to hate. from confusion to understanding. while I cant say I fully understood it, I certainly loved it. humans are cocksure, foolhardy syccophants who (regardless of interstellar intervention) still manage to destroy themselves through the technology they create. many subtle personal references throughout – the b.y. avatar on the screens the xxxfelavie on slim pickens h-bomb and the quick cut imagery – result in total sensory overload which gave me chills throughout. I am sure I am in the minority here but I very much enjoyed this effort and feel you have crafted a peice of art in video form. 9/10

Overall I feel this was a fine success and while hindered slightly by the vague theme/limitations I feel everyone involved did a great job and delivered a varied/entertaining peice of pulp for the community. well done team. looking forward to the next project.

thank you :-)
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