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Source Code: Version 1.2
January 10, 2018    
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I never really had a huge problem with the 'tacked on' original happy ending of Source Code on my first viewing, its the way Hollywood do things as a rule so it never really ocurred to me before seeing this that a revision was needed. Having watched this new edit and having gone back and revisited the original ending too, Boy.. did this need an edit! The original ending really doesn't make any sense at all given the context of everything that comes before it and the new ending devised here (I won't spoil it) is a VAST improvement on the original ending. There's a few nips and tuck throughout the movie that I probably wouldn't have even noticed had I not took a look at the in-the-works thread so that is testament to the skil of the editor in this too. The new ending is much more emotional than the original, a little more downbeat maybe but far more logical and lifts the mnovie from being one of the better sci-fi movies of the last decade to one of the best! Well worth a revisit with this new ending!

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Thanks for the review, man. Much appreciated :)

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