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FanFix July 06, 2010 43448
If you are new to Star Wars fanedits this is where you need to start. This is the only Ep I edit I have watched all the way through, and I feel no need to continue my search. L8 cuts out the silliness and some bloated scenes but leaves the story intact. From the clips I’ve seen of other edits, it seems the editor’s primary concern was to cut out as much as possible. But, this to me just made the movie feel rushed and not enjoyable to watch. Having watched SotS and seen L8′s work on episodes 2 and 3, I can safely say that his primary concern is story. For example, many are unhappy that he left in the virgin birth and prophecy story line. But, I admire that he left it in, even though it could have easily been cut out, because it was a part of the story that GL gave us. Although it was not really developed, the theme of the virgin birth and prophecy flows through the other two episodes, helping tie the PT together. I say bravo and I am really looking forward to seeing your entire trilogy.

As for video and sound I cannot really comment. I have a laptop and a tiny 10 year old tube TV. All I can say is that SotS sounds and looks as good as any other movie I watch.

I have heard a rumor that L8 may revisit this project after he finishes episode 3 so I’m willing to bet many of the issues people have already brought up will disappear. Here is my primary suggestion. Someone above mentioned that the ending felt strange with the main theme cutting in on such an ominous scene. But, I also feel it is strange to have a Star Wars movie end with anything other than the main theme. First, I have to say I really like the movie ending at the funeral. It sets the tone for the next 2 movies. But, I think what would be best is to have a musical climax as the camera is panning over to Palpatine. Every SW movie has the music ending on a high note before it goes to the main theme. What makes the SotS ending awkward is that the final scene is basically silent so the main theme sounds abrupt. If you find a climactic portion of Duel of the Fates to play while the camera is panning over to Palpatine, I believe this will solve the issue. I hope I described that clearly enough :)

I give this edit 9/10. I only knock a point off for some of the minor issues that I’m sure will be corrected when L8 revisits SotS. But, I feel certain that when L8 finishes his trilogy, once more there will be peace in my Star Wars galaxy. In my mind no other edits will be necessary. Thanks for all your hard work.
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