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FanFix July 06, 2010 49017
(Updated: August 25, 2012)
Episode One is hard to redeem. This version does a valiant job of the impossible. Entire sections and of the film are removed along with individual shots. Excellent video quality (especially on Dual Layer version) and 5.1 audio.

If you are still watching your copy of the Phantom Edit, I highly suggest you give this one a try.
This is now my favorite version of this film – not sure if it will be outdone.

Fan Editor Commentary is very entertaining – the editor gives insights of his editing goals and why he excised certain shots/sections etc. Great listen for any fan or aspiring (fan) editor.

Dual Layer Version is highly recommended over the DVD5 – besides better quality video, you also get alternative ending audio (as others have stated, this version has the DEFINITIVE Ep. 1 ending), and the best fan edit special feature I have ever seen – a “Deleted Scenes” section. This is not your typical Deleted scenes section – you have to see it to believe it. This section displays topics such as one for Anakin, one for Jar Jar, one for Ric Olie, etc. and actually gives you all of their deleted footage back to back! It is both funny and disturbing at the same time due to seeing such horrible acting/writing in such a short duration!

My version of the Deleted scenes had some studdering and freezing during the clips – not sure if this was due to the authoring or my DVD DL media.

Highly recommended 9/10
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