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I watched all of l8wrtr's prequel edits not long ago during a machete order marathon of Star Wars over a few days. Accompanied by the de-specialised editions by Harmy (which I also recommend).
At first I was a little worried reading the cutlist about some parts of this movie and the others that I was fond of, but mostly interested to see how far l8wrtr had come after been inspired as so many were by the infamous Phantom Edit.

To sum it up, I was blown away. Any doubts that I had about things I liked were quickly forgotten. It sweeps you up and thrusts you into the great story that was hiding within this movie and doesn't let go until all is said and done. Rather than casually trodding through odd places until something interesting albeit confusing happens.

Even the pod race, which I've always loved with its whacky deaths and Tusken Raider interferrence was perfect in its new form. Only a couple of deaths remain and they're the ones that keep just the right tone in the overall Star Wars universe. The raiders are gone but now I'm sitting here on the edge of my seat, watching with an intensity that I've never felt for the pod race. I don't miss 'em.

No more distractions, no more crap, just the inspired Star Wars universe that Gearge Lucas imagined in all his craziness. And I mean that as a complement, this is Lucas' brilliant dreams, fine tuned and honed to tireless perfection from the eyes of a keen fan, and it allows them to glisten and shine as great companion pieces to the original trilogy and even greatly entertaining movies in their own right.

What about this episode in particular?
Jar-Jar's a background character, no-one wants to watch something so unlikeable.
As mentioned the pod race is tense and thrilling.
Gungans are surprisingly stomach-able.
Neimoidians are just evil side characters with intentions undescribed, as opposed to unsure fools.
Young Anakin is very tolerable without removing the character completely from the story. (tricky to say the least)
Scientific explanations are gone, you can fill in the mystical implications with your imagination, as Star Wars should be.
The third act is compelling and character building, an excellent staging for the next episodes.

Only cristisicm (if you can call it such), deleted scenes look a little out of place, but only professionals with the source material could refine the visuals of these to 100% compatibility. And the benefit of having them over not, is fantastic.

I almost feel that there's next to no way to further improve on this edit. Unless you did more shooting, which we can't now, and that would no longer be an edit anyway.

It was so exciting to see what was made of this movie and very entertaining itself that I went on to watch the next two of l8wrtr's prequel edits in the same day. I think that really says something about these edits, as the last time I did a single day prequel marathon it was tiresome as I'm sure you understand.

Thank you l8wrtr!

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