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I can't say this edit made The Phantom Menace a MUCH better Star Wars movie, but it was still fine. It didn't really add anything to the movie that made it feel any more Star Wars-y (apart from some of the pacing), but it certainly stripped away a lot of the really bad stuff.
Some of the editing is a bit clunky (even the opening STAR WARS title zooms out a bit messily), and while Jar Jar Binks had a lot of annoying lines trimmed out, it kind of reduced him to a character who just stood around not doing anything. There's a shot somewhere where the focus was on Jar Jar looking as if he were at the end of a comedic routine, but not doing anything or saying a word. It was kinda creepy. I think you should have cut or cropped some of the shots with Jar Jar out.
However, the stuff that was good was good. It got to the point well enough, and it made PM a more tolerable movie, though not much of a better one.

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January 05, 2013
To supremekingdan: I thought your review of this edit was a good summary, but I'm curious about one thing: from the comments you made, is SOUNDS like you would have given this edit a 6 or 7 out of ten, yet you chose 7.9! That's basically an 8, which says, on the surface, that you really liked it and It made significant improvements to the movie.

I bring this up because the people around here seem to LOVE giving just about everything they see a great review. By the very nature of art, MOST people are not going to love EVERYTHING, but a rarely see a review dip under 8. Everything is." Awesome! The best! Love this movie now!"

I've seen maybe a dozen edits and maybe 2 or 3 of them were so good I've shared them with friends and they have become my preferred version of the film. I'm not trying to be contrary and calling all the editors bad, it's just that this is, by nature, a very difficult process, and there is just no way that the majority of attempts around here can be a THAT successful.

Yet most of the reviews would have you believe it's far more difficult to make a BAD edit!

I mean there are what, dozens of prequel edits? And how many of them say "the edit just didn't go far enough, or I don't think a lot of the changes work." No, almost all of them are favorable. I think a lot of new people would be RELYING on honest reviews to help them decide which ones to watch! So while I understand that people appreciate the hard and generous work that the fan editors do, saying you like everying just because you want to stay positive doesn't help, and it actually defeats the whole purpose of reviews.

Trust me, I know how much work an edit like this takes. But that's also part of the reason when I see an editor has 20 edits to his name, it makes me think "this guy is going for quantity over quality." No way you can so that many edits and claim they are all major reworks that greatly improve the movie! In fact I think movies that come along that are CAPABLE of being improved with the material at hand are few and far between.

Anyway, enough ranting. I would just love to see people be a little more honest. And if you truly DO love everything you see, maybe you don't have very discerning taste and therefore shouldn't be posting reviews!

1 results - showing 1 - 1