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This is a relatively light edit of "Sonic the Hedgehog" that trims some of the humor that didn't land for me and replaces some of the pop music with music from the video game series where appropriate. I hope fans of the movie and game series enjoy this!
As a longtime Sonic fan, I enjoyed the "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie well enough. However, I felt some poorly placed, forced and/or dated jokes dragged things down a bit. By trimming some of the humor that didn't land for me, I hoped to bring out the film's strengths and give the jokes that did land some more breathing room. At the same time, I felt it would be fun to add some of the excellent music from the video game series, since there were a few sequences where it seemed like a natural fit.
Other Sources:
Sonic Mania Official Soundtrack
Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony
Sonic the Hedgehog Passion and Pride: Anthems with Attitude from the Sonic Adventure era
Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Stop Music Selection: Volume I
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Cuts and Additions:
-Cut opening “I bet you’re wondering how I got here?” framing device.
-Rescored opening narration on Sonic’s home planet with Green Hill Zone orchestral theme from the Sonic 30th anniversary symphony.
-Trimmed Rihanna joke and Wade’s reaction.
-Trimmed Wade’s incompetent antics after the power goes out.
-Cut “Azerbaijanistan” joke.
-Slightly trimmed “search history” joke and the officer’s reaction.
-Cut Sonic talking about “lightning shooting out of his butt”
-Cut joke about Wade “not having much (mind) to lose”
-Cut Olive Garden joke during Tom and Maddie’s phone conversation.
-Cut Rachel’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” quip.
-Cut Tom saying “You can talk!” when he spots Sonic outside the cage.
-Trimmed out Robotnik’s “jug band” antics.
-Cut interaction between Robotnik and Wade.
-Cut Sonic’s misinterpretation of the expression “kick the bucket”
-Rescored the first “Quicksilver” scene in the biker bar with “Mirage Saloon Zone” from Sonic Mania
-Cut Sonic’s quip about the next person entering the bathroom having “nothing to wipe with”.
-Cut the first half of the motel room scene (including the fart joke), entering the scene when Sonic and Tom begin discussing the mushroom planet.
-Cut Sonic calling Tom “the jerk lord”.
-Trimmed the scene of Sonic flossing. He still does, but it’s less emphasized.
-Trimmed Sonic’s “Fast & Furious” joke.
-Cut dated joke about Hillary Clinton’s emails.
-Rescored Robotnik’s villain dance with E.G.G.M.A.N. from Sonic Adventure 2.
-Trimmed out Rachel saying she has to go to the bathroom.
-Cut Rachel trying to convince Maddie to leave Tom while tied up with jump-rope.
-Cut Tom telling the receptionist he came all the way from Montana because “that’s how serious it is.”
-Significantly trimmed sequence of Sonic in the gym bag while Tom and Maddie are waiting for the elevator.
-Cut Sonic’s quip about “a jar of pickled farts”.
-Cut Robotnik’s line about clam chowder.
-Rescored and retimed the second “Quicksilver” sequence to Stardust Speedway Zone from Sonic Mania.
-Rescored Sonic and Robotnik’s chase through San Francisco with “Escape from the City (Cash Cash Remix)” from Sonic Generations.
-Removed callback to the framing device, since it was removed.
-Cut Robotnik’s inappropriately timed joke about “keeping the body fresh”.
-Trimmed Olive Garden gift card joke. Now it plays more as a joke about the inadequacy of the gift rather than an advertisement for Olive Garden.
-Trimmed out Sonic flossing (again).

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(Updated: March 12, 2023)
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Amazing work.

Very likely going to become my go-to version of the film. It takes a theatrical edit I already liked, and makes it so much more with just a few choice cuts, and of course the excellent rescoring choices/execution.

I'm no expert but it didn't feel like I was watching a fanedit at all. And still kept in some humor and enough levity that it still feels like the kids movie it always was (and should be, I guess!).

The bar fight being rescored with the Mirage Saloon music worked perfectly, and I'll admit as someone that never played Sonic Adventure 2 (sorry), I had to think for a second at the start of the Robotnik Dancing research bit whether it had even been rescored (but the lyrics referencing Eggman worked if you buy him as an egomaniac, as I do).

Little removals like keeping him saying 'I feel like Vin Diesel' but without laying on the 'family' bit make it feel like a proper movie reference he'd make after watching hundreds of movies with them, but without laboring it. Works really well.

And I love the trims to Rachel's interjections. I hope if you ever make a Sonic 2 edit in a similar vein, we get the same haha.

The most interesting subtle cuts to dialog for me was in the reception scene. Trimming the Montana and 'child in the bag' jokes make them much better. I'd imagined it myself originally as going 'do you have your child in that bag?!' '*[Smile]* No!' and then cutting, but then we'd lose the over the top inappropriateness of the 'dog cage' bit that I love lol, so thanks for keeping that. Much funnier though, well done. This is what pushed it from a 9 for Enjoyment up to a 10!

Slightly sad that Sonic still flosses but I'm not actually sure it's possible without feeling jarring! And it's nice that it cuts away so quickly.

So, yes, highly recommended. Very highly. Thanks, and should a Sonic 2 DX ever be made, I'd be *very* excited to check it out.

Thanks Octoroxx!

(EDIT: Oh, only thing I'd change is to potentially swap the Escape From The City music with the instrumental version, which I see is a thing, but I've never been a fan of the too on-the nose lyrics of some Sonic music. That's just me nitpicking!)

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