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FanFix August 14, 2012 3242
Reviewed by Gatos on May 30, 2011

Well I just finished watching Solaris Station and I was very impressed. I watched the original in preparation for watching this fanedit and Brumous had warned me ahead of time that it can be quite boring (most notably the infamous tokyo driving sequence). My only other exposure to this material had been through seeing some of the soderbergh/clooney remake. I found the original Solaris enjoyable and not too boring (although watching it in 30 minute segments may have helped make it less boring).

As is my usual rule, I did not read the cutlist before watching Solaris Station. Brumous firstling is very well done. The audio and video editing was excellent nothing noticeable or jarring. Other than the considerable shortening of the tokyo sequence i honestly could not tell what had been excised from this edit. The pace and mood of the original are intact but Brumous’ edit gives viewers a more accessible version of Solaris to watch. Rating 9/10. Excellent job. Great fanedit and forced me to watch a movie i probably wouldn’t have watched otherwise!
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