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TV-to-Movie August 13, 2012 4151
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This was a series I loved right away and was excited when I heard it was going to be made, but I will admit that the "freak of the week" formula did become, well, formulaic pretty quickly. Since I can still watch the episodes as-is, of course, this is a very welcome alternate version of the first season, and would definitely be my preferred viewing option overall. Technically, everything is top notch, and all the story decisions made were sound. Even if something seemed odd at first, it was soon explained, so no problems there. Leaving a couple of the "freaks" in made sense from a character development standpoint as well.

Thanks for a really fun edit, LS! :)

P.S. I wholeheartedly agree with this comment by Omaru: "As for other seasons? ... The main arc about Jason and Genevive Teague, I’d probably abandon that in it’s entirety." Yeah, that was horrible! :/
Owner's reply October 02, 2012

Thanks Ripplin. Really glad you enjoyed the first fanedit I ever did :) Really appreciate the generous and high marks. I'd love to do a sequel but I seriously don't have the time at the moment (cue the violins).

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