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I started watching Smallville when it first came out. I loved the show. Although I would get the occasional ribbing from friends (but i had the perfect retort “What guy doesn’t wish they were Superman? What guy wouldn’t want to date Lana Lang?!”). Anyway, I stopped watching around Season 3 or 4 and then periodically tuned in every now and then when Green Arrow showed up etc. But I really did enjoy the early episodes of the series so I was excited to hear about LastSurvivor’s fanedit.

DVD Design: I really liked the DVD Menu Design. Music, Animated Scene Selection Menus. Great Job!

The Edit: I really have to applaud LastSurvivor’s efforts on this edit. I can’t begin to imagine what a huge undertaking this was. To sift through 20+ (or however many) episodes and distill it into a coherent and entertaining story. Although knocking out the majority of the “Freak of the Week” storylines was a major part of the edit, the decisions of the storylines to keep in were more interesting (and i imagine the harder part of the edit to do). I liked the choices that LastSurvivor made (the elderly woman who was psychic, Ryan’s storyline – a nice way to end part 1 btw!). The merge of the Season 1 finale and Season 2 premiere was very well done too. And wrapped up with a nice ending. This was an extremely enjoyable fanedit! Great job.

Technical: The video editing was well done but what really stood out to me was the audio editing. In my opinion it was nearly flawless. And I always read on the forums, or read about rejected edits and it almost always has to do with shoddy audio editing. Audio editing is arguably the most difficult part about fanedits. So great job on that!

Excellent firstling! I look forward to LastSurvivor’s future fanedits.
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