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Wow. Who would've thunk that a Supes serial with almost no physical conflict and almost no superhuman stunts would be more fun to watch than the Boy of Steel dodging bullets and tossing people around?

By removing the freaks-o'-the-week, a lot of the action is gone as well, but therein lies this fanedit's strength: the fine character moments are pretty much all that remain. You get to see not only Clark Kent's growing pains, but those of his friends. And his earthly parents aren't the abstractions they were in the comic books and most of the theatrical versions.

A fault of the series itself and not of the fanedit: Lex and Clark know each other rather well, which means that their future selves should recognize each other, allowing Lex to blow Supe's cover.

LastSurvivor's edit is really entertaining, the best Superman experience I've had since watching Christopher Reeve in the theaters.
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