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I´ve always liked Skyfall for what it was but had some trouble with the overall pacing, of course the railtube incident and the references that Bond is too old.
Lapis molari cut all that and trimmed unnecessary scenes as well as some lines from javier bardem. His pacing is really enjoyable and the cuts aren´t to notice, very fluid.

What had i hoped for:
- also re-rearrange the helicopter gunfire before he tells his soldiers, that M is his to take. I never liked it the another way arround, because it made no sense. He can´t be sure that M is already on her way out.

At 2:06:09/11 stutter frame? But could be a playback issue on my end.
Why almost 10 for audio editing when the audio at the mansion is falty? Because lapis told me, he´ll fix this in his v2 in the upcoming months.

In general i would suggest to raise the center channel more, because the dialogue is always quiter than the action sequences and i had to readjust the volume all the time (because of this audio editing, not 10).

Other than that, this is my favourite Skyfall edit and will replace the original.

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