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This is a tough one for me to review, as I am not Daniel Craig as Bond fan.

Though I remember loving Skyfall when first seeing it in theatres, caught up in the energy of the movie, it's appeal has significantly waned for me on repeated viewings. The convoluted plot really makes no sense to me. All this nonsense just to get caught so Silva can get close enough to kill M? This guy is an evil genius. He blew up MI6. I am pretty sure he could have snuck into the country anytime he wanted and kidnapped or assassinated M. But then there would be no movie, would there? lol.

So despite this plot handicap, Last Survivor has again done a masterful job salvaging the best parts of this movie. The majority of cuts are seamless and effective. Silva's intro is still debatable. While it feels a bit sudden and left field, it is still better than the way over the top cartoonish performance of the original. The audio work is fantastic!!! Great new score and cues!

But as always, for me, the best part of any LS edit is his commentary. Insightful, funny, informative and passionate. You can hear his love for the subject.

This is still a flawed film imo due to the source material, but I think LS made the movie worthier of the Bond franchise.

Really good work. Thumbs Up.

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Owner's reply December 05, 2014

Hey Bob,

Thanks so much for your kind comments. Really glad you enjoyed it, and you're too kind about my commentary. Man, was it a struggle to get this one done!


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