Skyfall: A Personal Statement

Skyfall: A Personal Statement
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A defiant James Bond heads back into the field to stop insidious cyber terrorist Sylva from exacting his revenge on M. Who will be left standing when the job's done?
Nothing too radical, it's by large the same film you're used to, with a few light trims and only a couple of major omissions, a nice alternative, slightly scaled back Bond movie you can possibly show to the whole family.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Movie begins in media res on the battle aboard the train. Everthing preceeding that has been cut, we learn why things happen throughtout the film anyway.
- "Skyfall" by Adele cut, replaced by "The World" by Sela Sue. Skyfall titles slightly trimmed so the new song fits.
- Glimpses into life during Bond's exile abroad is cut
- Bond's talk with the psychologist cut after he calls M a "bitch"
- Bond and Q's banter at the museum cut entirely. Q's there on strict buisness, hands Bond what he needs, and leaves
- Battle at the Casino is cut
- Sex scene in the shower cut
- Train crash cut
- M's death cut, scene in the church ends on a bit of Bond wit
- References to M's will being read out by Moneypenny cut, it's implied she simply retires as her job's done.
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