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Review by white43 — March 23, 2008 @ 12:49 am

Many people told me this film was crap. I recall that I started to watch it, but either I got too bored or was too drunk to continue.

So ultimately – I’m approaching this film as something new – I recall nothing from the original.

First impressions – high octane, fast-paced film that does a whole story in 69 minutes. Pretty well.

Technically – seemless, as mentioned in another comment – there’s one scene after Shangri-La – an explosion where the sound cuts out and back in again – other than that – brilliant.

This ‘feels’ somewhat like an episode of some series that would have aired once. Because it’s that short. It builds and ends well however.

As a standalone film, there’s no character development or anything – is this a fault of the film in it’s original form? It’s possible the 40 minutes that are skipped are character building.

The final ending. Where has this footage come from? It feels a little out of place given the CGI feel of the film.

Anyway – it’s fun and fast, presumably unlike the original. I like it, as it performs well, tells a quick story and delivers well, but if I have to review as a film – it’s crap, no character development or backstory.

Jorge – once again, good editing!
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