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(Updated: September 13, 2012)
Review by DwightFry78 — June 6, 2010 @ 8:08 pm

The intention was the correct one. However, the execution left quite a bit to be desired. Given that the Chris sequences prior to Rose entering Silent Hill stay, there’s still too much of him that adds nothing to the story, but that’s the smallest problem. The thing is, there are hard cuts everywhere, particularly in the audio, and nothing that couldn’t have been easily fixed. The removal of the parallel narrative from the school sequence results in a music bit repeatedly looped over the images, and it sounds exactly like that. However, I wouldn’t mind it that much if it weren’t because Chris enjoys a Fight-Club-dick style one-frame cameo in it. Careless. Also, the fade-out-fade-in separating the Sharon capture from the church sacrifice looks too much like a TV cut-to-commercials. There are fades elsewhere in the film, but in those the audio and video fade at different speeds and that helps them work. In the one I mentioned, both fade at the same time, and one half expects an ad to pop up.

A for effort, but I’m afraid this needed much more care in the execution. 3/10.
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